Monday, April 25, 2011 Published the Power Architecture 32-bit ELF ABI Supplement has published the Power Architecture® 32-bit Application Binary Interface Supplement 1.0 - Linux® & Embedded.
This is a specification document that I worked on for four years as part of the PowerABI TSC, under

It defines the 32-bit Power Architecture processor specific ELF ABI for the GNU/Linux Operating System and Embedded environments.

I served as the document owner, style-sheet maintainer, and TSC Chair (for the last year).  It's very rewarding (relieving) to see this finally published.  It was a pleasure to work with everyone on the TSC.  Their expertise and contributions were invaluable.

There are three versions of the document: the Linux & Embedded (Unified), the Linux, and the Embedded.  These are all generated from the same parent document and are separated for convenience of the readers.

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